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I believe strongly in living life with the greater good in mind, striving for harmony with our environment as well as each other. I’m always keen to help further the aims of ethical and environmental organisations, using my creative abilities to make a positive impact.

I also put these principles into action in my everyday work…

Protecting the environment

Passionate about the natural world and its protection, I make a conscious effort to minimise the impact of my day-to-day business activities, for example by:

  •  walking, cycling or using public transport wherever possible
  •  upgrading rather than replacing IT equipment
  •  minimising printing and reusing paper
  •  only purchasing FSC and recycled paper products
  •  and recycling whatever I can.

Membership and support of not-for-profits

I’m the co-ordinator of Reading Green Drinks, which provides an opportunity for people interested in green and ethical issues to make useful new connections.

I edit the Reading Green Party newsletter for free and have written copy for Green Party campaigns at the national level. Also on a voluntary basis I produce a newsletter (now quarterly) for local and organic food co-operative, True Food Co-op.

Kat Creative is a member of the Prince’s Mayday Network, the UK’s largest group of businesses taking a lead on climate change.

Supporting charities

Since 2009, instead of sending Christmas cards to clients, partners and suppliers, I’ve made donations to the World Land Trust (WLT). Each donation will permanently protect an area of critically threatened habitat. You can see my sponsorship certificates here.

Occasionally I take part in sponsored events for charity. For example in May 2009, 2010 and 2012 I walked ten miles along the Thames and through Richmond Park to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Colombia with COTA.

For several years Kat Creative has been a member of Connect Reading, which mobilises Reading-based businesses to support local charities.

Giving ethical organisations a helping hand

To support charities and ethical start-ups I’m happy to offer a discounted rate. Please contact me to find out more.

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