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A few kind words from happy clients...

Sarah Smith, Thames Valley Farmers' Market Co-operative

The Committee asked me to extend a huge thank you for all of your hard work for Reading Farmers’ Market’s 18th birthday celebrations last month. They had all heard what a resounding success it had been and were really impressed. They loved seeing the photos on Facebook of the celebrations and this really conveyed what a vibrant, celebratory event it was.

“This was all due to the immense amount of work and enthusiasm you had put into arranging it. We are all really grateful for this and the hard work and energy you display in managing and promoting the two Reading markets. The market is really showing the benefits of your work through increased and maintained producer attendance and also increased customers. Thank you so much!

“A very big thank you and just continue doing what you do!

Dotun Olaleye ACCA, Tridan Business Concepts

This was my first experience of using a copywriter and I’m I glad I discovered Kathryn and made use of her amazing service. From the first conversation on the telephone, I knew she was the right person to help me achieve what I needed.

“Kathryn listened and understood what the requirement was, she sought clarification when required and produced a quality first draft which I accepted immediately without any corrections. Kathryn not only delivered as promised, she showed excellent integrity and honesty by offering a reduced rate on the agreed fee because it took less time to complete the work than anticipated, which I declined because the output was worth more than she charged. In fact she offered a service above and beyond what was agreed at no extra charge.

“I’m a very happy customer and I would recommend Kathryn without any hesitation.

Rina Nir, Radbee

Kathryn worked closely with me to produce the copy for our new website and is now helping with the creation of our regular blog posts. Since the launch of the new site we have enjoyed more than 100% increase in leads. What is even more striking is the fact that the leads to deals conversion ratio is now excellent and the time we spend with irrelevant opportunities minimal.

“I know for a fact that the website has a strong impact because my customers tell me so. Very often they mention one or more of our posts that triggered them to make contact.

“Kathryn’s support is invaluable.

Hanieh Vidmar, TV presenter, speaker and host

Thank you so much for the changes you made to my LinkedIn profile. Finally it truly reflects what I’m about.

“You’ve been amazing to work with - you really listened to me and delivered great results quickly. I’ll recommend you to everyone I know.

“Many many thanks again.

Andrew Alex, Alex’s Cards

I highly recommend working with Kathryn if you wrote the text for your website by yourself, particularly if you are a non-native English writer like me.

“She asked a lot of important detail on my products before editing and suggested so many amends and improvements. Now I see how clean and beautiful copy can be.

Van Fleisher, Renoir Consulting

Kathryn transformed my writing into much more focused and clear messaging, while retaining my key thoughts. She even enhanced my attempts at humor (or humour). Feedback from readers is excellent, as is their recall, a key measure of effectiveness and a tribute to Kathryn’s editing.

“In addition to her excellence in editing, she is very efficient and dependable. In our six plus years of working together, she has always kept to deadlines, with wide margins, in fact, pushing me in the process to stay on schedule, even late at night and weekends.

Read Van’s full reference letter.

Robert Groves, Xerox UK Ltd

I wanted to say thank you for your support with us to date but particularly for your help with both issues of xpressions this year. As you know, our brief shifted and we cut the size of both our publications in 2012. Doing this while still producing something worthwhile wasn’t an easy ask but based upon feedback and looking through both copies now I think we can chalk it up as a success.

“You played a key role in this Kat, not only in your writing but also in your ideas and suggestions. You are of course always a pleasure to work with on these projects but moreover your flexible and pragmatic approach gave us a real sense of fluidity during the copywriting weeks on these recent cycles. You have an obvious appreciation for challenges that a busy corporate environment presents, especially when it comes to bringing something like a printed publication over the line. This appreciation manifests itself within your flexible approach which really enabled us to manage our stakeholders’ expectations and ensure that the messages included were the right ones - which we found to be of elevated importance within a smaller publication!

“So in summary thank you for being a virtual member of the team on this with us this year. Often when working with a supplier or provider there is a real sense of just doing the minimum expected and then waiting for the pay cheque. So I highlight the word team here as you have always been focused on helping us achieve our goals as opposed to just doing your bit and leaving the rest to us... a real team player.

“We literally couldn’t have done it without you!

Edward Bowen, GUMPTION

Kathryn, it’s like you have waved a magic wand over the text... and suddenly it reads like a dream! I can definitely say you’ve done a cracking job.

“As ever, thanks for all your hard work. The document is in a different league now!

David Robson, InstaGroup

The Snug Network brochure has been extremely well received by a number of potential clients. The service we provide is pretty unique but also fairly complicated. Kathrynís creative talents were instrumental to the brochure getting our message across in a clear and powerful manner.

“We will definitely be drawing on Kathrynís expertise to help us with a range of additional literature in the coming months.

Rebecca Funani, SageKnowledge

I just want to say a big thank you Kathryn for all your help, support and advice, for which I will never be able to put a price. I really love both the web copy and the sales letter. Now I’m set to grow the company.

Simon Puxty, Floors for Thought

Kat Creative has absolutely transformed how people view our business. Having admitted to being completely out of our depth when starting this project the support, suggestions and guidance given was outstanding from start to finish.

Ben and Paula Buffham, Park Lane Orthodontics

We would like to thank you Kathryn for your help with writing the text for our new website.

“Itís quite hard to be objective when writing content without assistance, in particular pitching it at the right level for customers and not making it too technical. Your expertise was much appreciated and we would be delighted to work with you again on future projects.

Rupert Williams, UK Parking Control

We can confirm that the Appeals website copy worked like a dream. We have had very positive feedback from our clients and even the people that we have issued tickets to are pleased!

Rebecca Jones, Proteus Virtual

We absolutely LOVE what youíve done. You are soooo on our page!

Paul Smith, PLS Transport

The text is brill now, just what I had expected. It will really make my company stand out, especially with the great slogan Ė a nice touch.

“Once again, thanks for your chats and for your help. I couldnít have done it without you.

Leon Edwards, The Marketing Helpdesk

Wow, this is fab - thank you. Itís so good to know that I have someone whom I can rely on to regularly do a great job.

Mavis Amankwah, Rich Visions

Thank you so much for proofreading and amending these pages on short notice. AMAZING JOB!!!

Saeed Malik, Saemco Gems

I really appreciate your commitment with your work and your approach to handling things in a completely different way than the others. This helping hand for me is beyond price.

Piranavan, student at Tiffin School, Kingston upon Thames (project for Transport for London)

I think the UpGrade magazine is great at explaining the things children can do to help them stay safe and avoid a range of bad things on their way to secondary school.

“The magazine has taught me how to be safe on the roads and also the different range of transport there is to my new school. This has made me more confident on my journey to secondary school, and I thank the writer of the magazine for this.

Ejaz Khan, Xerox UK Ltd

Kathrynís work on our internal magazine has been invaluable. She writes very well for the audience, comes up with ideas and always makes time for Xerox.

“We really appreciate her ongoing hard work and creativity.

Peter Gatuna, Mpende Jirani

Wonderful!!! Wonderful!!! I am lost for words! I knew you would be able to deliver because you just have that X factor.

Alan Ward, Bang Creations

We asked Kathryn to rewrite a company brochure, translate it from business/engineer speak to a language that appealed to potential clients and create a narrative that compelled them to contact us. This she did with aplomb.

“She not only proved to be highly competent in her command of English but also the sales and marketing requirements of business.

“The project was delivered to brief, on time and within a very reasonable budget. Feedback has been nothing but positive.

“We will use her again.

Rebecca Shepherd, Big World Recruitment

Thank you Kathryn, you’ve massively exceeded my expectations!

“In one attempt you’ve really grasped the essence of the company and the message we wanted to get across. The turnaround was impressive and the copy exceptional.

“Superb work!

Martha Jesty, Latin American Language Services (LALS)

I just want to say that I appreciate your great work. You are doing it with your whole heart and you will go very far. I always knew that you could give so much to small businesses like mine that would never have the thousands some companies ask for.

“I think what you are doing now is what you were called to do and many others will benefit from your wonderful skills in writing and dealing with people.

“Thank you again for helping me.

Sharon Saunders, kiereen design & project management ltd.

We have worked with Kat Creative on a number of projects and the attention to detail applied to each and every project is unsurpassed. We continue to work closely with Kathryn as we know our projects will always be completed accurately and on time.

Heike Gittins, 360° Creative

Let me tell you again how happy all the Motorola people were with your copy. Especially after all the problems they had had with copywriting in the past I think this was a nice surprise to them. I am sure they left our office on Friday thinking that they would have to do quite a bit of rewriting after the first draft.

“Well, all credit goes to you and I am sure that we can soon make a start on the other ads… thanks for helping me make it happen.

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